10 recommendations
for finding the right
SEO agency

Finding an SEO agency is easy. But is it the right one? We tell you what you need to look out for.

Tip # 1

Be the boss

Take the choice of your SEO agency into your own hands and don’t delegate it to anyone else.

Tip # 2

Define your goals

Write down three of your services or products and Google them. Look at which competitor occupies the space you want to achieve. Make a note of the competitor as well. Go to several SEO agencies with this list and ask them to explain to you how they plan to achieve this rank.

Tip # 3

Love at first sight

Make sure you get along well with the agency. Happy business relationships bear fruit, unhappy ones don’t.

Tip # 4

Two weddings is one too many?

Ask the agency if they handle your competition. If so, decide for yourself if this is a problem or even an advantage (there’s plenty of room on the first page of Google).

Tip # 5

Good friends

In a dialogue with the agency, try to find out how they react to your business. It is like talking to a friend. He should listen when you talk to him. He should not tell you what you want to hear, but also ask critical questions.

Tip # 6

The work of others

Let the agencies present you the best SEO campaigns and choose the agency whose campaign you like the most.

Tip # 7

Good SEO needs time and tools

Ask how long it takes the agency to perform the SEO actions you want. A suspiciously short time is unserious.

Tip # 8

Quality has its price

Ask the agency what they charge for their services. Do not try to push the price. You wouldn’t do this with a lawyer or tax consultant either.

Tip # 9


Does the agency welcome your business and keep in touch with you throughout the process.

Tip # 10

Matter of trust

Once you have chosen an agency, trust it. Anything else is counterproductive.

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